Tuesday, July 1, 2014


And yes I made it! :) to create my personal blog (i-claim na 'to!!) So before I begin to my kwentos I would like to introduce myself first..

I'm Lamy Rio Oli, 22yrs. old from Malabon, currently working in a private company which its nature is known for the tagline "SHHHHHH" (if you know what I mean).. . If you're thinking about my weird and one-of-a-kind name well, it has a story to tell.Way back June 4, 1992 when my mother gave birth to her 2nd child and she decided to give the name LAMY RIO.

L- stands for Lester which is my Kuya's name.
AMY- which is my Mamu's nickname for Amalia.
RIO- my Papu's three last letter name "ASTERIO"

Oh diba! ang saya ng name ko, it consists of people whom I really love. :) When I was at my childhood days they used to call me Lamy and I really really hate it! GRRR! Because they used to call me LOMY instead of my name.. -_- Until when I reached college, I decided to use my 2nd name na lang which is "Rio" :) minsan naman napagkakamalan nilang lalaki ako dahil pang-boy ang name ko. Hay naku ewan ko, basta ok na ko dun sa Rio.

So why Blogging?

It's simply because I really admire those people who is very outspoken on sharing what they've experience and learn. For me blogging is a way on how to expedite your knowledge, being on the trend, knows the latest about fashion (which is I love too) and one way of expressing yourself too. 

So I am starting now which I  one of the things that I like and my dream to be a "Blogger" HAHA! I don't know. Maybe this would be the start of something new.

Let's start keep in touch with me.


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